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Classic facials- These revitalising treatments promote healthy, balanced skin and restore skins natural vitality by repairing compromised skin concerns and desires.
No skin preparation required

Resurfacers are superficial exfoliating treatments, meaning they work on the very top layer of the skin (stratum corneum layer). Resurfacers generally have no recovery time and address several concerns and desires through the use of enzymes and acids, which work to refine and exfoliate.
Some resurfacers need 2 weeks skin preparation at home prior to 1st treatment

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels have the ability to penetrate beyond the top layer of the skin into the mid/lower sections of the epidermis where resurfacers cannot reach, the ingredients work deep in the skin & keep working long after your treatment this delivers stronger and extended results. Can have a 7 to 10 day downtime.
Skin Preparation required 2 to 6 weeks prior to 1st peel (dependant on skin fitzpatrick