Body Treatments

A full deluxe facial for the back using Made For Life Organics, Includes a back massage. Ideal for people prone to back ‘breakouts’ this stress reliving treatment will purify the skin, combating any breakouts activity, loosen tense muscles and leave you totally relaxed. Great to have as a course of treatments before your holidays.

60 minutes.


purifying back treatment


Get in Touch and book a purifying back treatment at The Beauty Lounge by calling 0191 522 0035.

Made For Life 100% Organics

Feel completely invigorated yet relaxed, with this all-encompassing treatment. Smooth and soothing strokes are carried out to detox and prepare the body for an enlivening head to toe exfoliation. Tensions melt from away over-worked muscles and joints, leaving the body feeling relaxed, skin pristine and polished. The treatment concludes with a mini facial to cleanse and hydrate, while a head massage clears and calms the mind.


This treatment leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and nourished, great pre-treatment preparation.

45 minutes.