Body Treatments

Herbs, spices and bioflavonoids melt cellulite through increased circulation, using nettle, paprika and ivy to plump up and firm soft tissue. Whilst you are wrapped up, you may experience a tingling sensation that lets you know the herbal wrap is continuing to be effective. This treatment is followed by deep Swedish massage movements with the cinnamon paprika body lotion. A great treatment as part of your pre-holiday preparation, for looking great on the beach. Targets specific cellulite areas only.

Approximately 50 minutes.

Single £28.00

recommended 6 Course Treatment plan £140.00

We smooth your skin with raw cane sugar, blueberries and soy, then apply a toning and tightening blueberry preserve heated body wrap, rich in skin-firming herbs and spices. Circulation is stimulated to help refine and strengthen skin structure, and then finished with a relaxing massage using all the antioxidant benefits of blueberry soufflé, A great treatment before any special event, slipping into that party dress or getting into that bikini, your body will be buffed, nourished, and ready for anything.

Approximately 100minutes.

Single £48.00

6 Course Treatment Plan (Recommended) £240.00

We smooth your skin with raw cane sugar infused with Champagne and Tokay grapes, orange oil and green tea to soothe and repair. Then the body is wrapped in a luscious warm and spiced., pumpkin and yam potion wrap to hydrate and nourish the skin. Finally you are massaged from head to foot in mimosa Champagne oil, helping to soothe and moisturise the body. A luxury Body Treatment to rehydrate, rejuvenate and relax you.

Approximately 100 minutes.

A full deluxe facial for the back using Eminence Organics, Includes a back massage. Ideal for people prone to back ‘breakouts’ this stress reliving treatment will purify the skin, combating any breakouts activity, loosen tense muscles and leave you totally relaxed. Great to have as a course of treatments before your holidays.

60 minutes.


purifying back treatment


Get in Touch and book a purifying back treatment at The Beauty Lounge by calling 0191 522 0035.

This treatment leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, hydrated and nourished, great pre-treatment preparation.

40 minutes.